Get results with data driven, value based web design

Everyone wants a great looking website. It’s true, your website should look good and be eye catching, but it’s first and most important goal is to drive traffic and make you money. If is doesn’t perform well, it doesn’t matter how good it looks. How do you get a website that can generate leads? You need more than just web design – you need internet marketing.

this graphic shows web design as a part of the overall internet marketing picture

At Hillsboro Design, I look at every aspect of your brand and marketing profile, both online and offline. The only way to determine the most effective plan for your business’ online presence is by taking into account its marketing strengths and weaknesses.

One stop shopping for all your web design needs

One thing that makes it hard for small businesses to promote themselves online is the range of skills required. We’ve progressed to the point where, in order to keep up, it’s necessary for a business to have not only a website, but a constant stream of new content, professional-grade photos and videos, pay per click and social media marketing, and more. Most business owners don’t have the time to pursue all of these avenues of promotion. Many also don’t have the budget to hire a professional photographer, videographer, and social media manager in addition to their web designer.

A jack-of-all trades approach to web design

I do a little bit of everything, and can offer you the complete marketing picture all under one roof. Of course, if what you need goes beyond my skill set in a particular area, I’ll refer you to a more qualified pro and integrate their work into your project.